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Training for Champions

Training is available for Morgan horses of all ages and disciplines. Learn to ride and drive for show and pleasure in our new heated indoor facilities. Customized care and training with owner / horse training sessions scheduled weekly. At Bellewether we use Smart Paks for customized supplements to ensure each horse's individual needs are met.

Riding Lessons at Bellewether

Riding lessons at Bellewether are designed to bring riders from entry level to World Championship competition, and everything in between with a focus on safety first.

We offer professional instruction for all ages and levels of experience, whether you are the recreational rider looking to further your skill or the serious competitor there is something for everyone.

Riders are encouraged to come watch other riders at Bellewether. Riders can pick up a lot and learn much faster by watching experienced riders and show horses. There are people to watch almost everyday. Saturdays is a busy day and a great day to stop by and watch.

Riders can attend shows at the local level to experience what horse showing is all about.

Bellewether Lesson Prices

Private Lesson 30 minutes $50
Lesson Package (4 private lessons, paid in advance) $180
Half Hour Private with 15 Minute Lunge Lesson $65
Unsupervised Practice on Lesson Horse (up to 1 hour for qualified riders) $40
Lesson/Lunge Combo $70

When are lessons available?

Lessons are scheduled on Tuesday through Saturday. Adult group lessons are scheduled on Sundays. Youth group lessons are scheduled on Saturdays.

What should I wear?

Riders should wear ankle-high boots with a smooth sole and a inch heel. Hiking style boots are not suggested as their sole may get caught in the stirrup. Boots may be lace-up, zipper or elastic. Sneakers are not acceptable. Long pants are necessary. Helmets are available at the farm, however may we suggest that you purchase a helmet of your own if you are going to continue your riding for awhile. Judy can help you with what to purchase and where you can find them.

Online Training at Horseshow.com

New for this year, Judy offers her training services online. Submit a video of you training your horse at home, or use a video from a show where you recently competed and receive real-time voiceover coaching from Judy. Click here to learn more.


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