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The Vision Begins Here

Orcland Bellendon

Bellewether - The word creates a vision of a leader, a standard setter and the measure of all others

The vision began over twenty years ago, when a strong hearted, high-spirited gelding from Orcland Farms carried Judy Nason into the Morgan show world. Orcland Bellendon taught her what she needed to know to compete and win in the show ring. Later, "Belle" showed Judy how to teach others patience, preseverance and understanding.

After over thirty-five years of training horses and instructing riders in New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts, Judy Nason has relocated Bellewether Stables to DeMeritt Hill Farm in Lee, New Hampshire.

Long ago, Judy's childhood passion of riding horses quickly blossomed into a livelihood of instructing riders. After spending a summer at a riding camp at the age of 14, Judy was asked to return to instruct for the camp for her remaining high school summers. After college, Judy was immediately recruited to run the riding instructor program at Bayview Farms in New Hampshire. There, she supervised and educated the riding instructor staff, coordinated and taught as part of the 150+ lessons per week, as well as managed the care of the 85 horses at the farm. Since leaving Bayview, Judy as been operating her own business successfully instructing riders and training horses to this day.

During her tenure as an instructor, Judy has had a wealth of experience in working with a variety of riding disciplines, as well as riders. Although as a youth Judy was focused on the saddle seat discipline, over the years, she has incorporated the hunt seat, western seat, driving and in-hand handling. Not only has she taught 4-year old leadliners the beginning steps of riding a horse, but she has also brought them along into the competitive equitation ranks where some of her riders won the highly coveted AMHA Medal Class at the national level (see excerpts from Helen Crabtree's book, the world's premier authority on saddle seat equitation). Judy herself qualified and rode in the national open saddle seat competition held at Madison Square Garden in New York. At the other end of the spectrum, Judy has taught the 70 year old how to ride the Western pleasure horse on the trails in back of her home after having ridden the English pleasure horse in the show ring all of her life. Many consider it an affirmation of Judy's teaching skills to be chosen as the instructor for one family she is currently working with that spans three generations!

There are many testaments to the breadth of Judy's experience as an instructor and trainer, both of the horse and the rider. Judy maintains an active training program consisting of numerous Morgan horses in all stages of their development. Judy and her staff train horses to drive and ride for current and perspective owners. Judy's work has also involved participation as an instructor in clinics and as a judge in various shows. Above all, overall safety of the rider and the horse is paramount in Judy's practice. She is proud of the incredibly low incidence of accidents and diseases she has experienced within her barns over the years, and rightly so.

Judy and her staff of instructors are delighted to be back in New Hampshire and look forward to working with those interested in learning to ride or drive, as well as those who are interested in fine tuning their current skills as equestrians.

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